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Customer satisfaction is very important to us through our prompt delivery promise, cost-effectiveness, and safety approach.

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Speedy delivery to the doorstep with quick same-day and premium delivery services. Track and trace your parcels to know their current status.

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.Delivering couriers & parcels to their destination is our top priority as we ensure the delivery is in pristine condition and promptly.

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Since 1977 MAIN FREIGHT CARGO has been recognized in the delivery industry as a leader and innovator of customized delivery schedules. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your delivery, warehousing, distribution and logistics needs.


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We recognize that success in business today requires fast responses and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Our expert personnel are trained to handle all your requirements including local and national deliveries, warehousing and distribution, as well as hot-shot, same-day, next-day, or pre- scheduled deliveries

Reliable, efficient & tracable

We recognize that success in business today requires fast responses and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Our expert personnel are trained to handle all your requirements including local and national deliveries, warehousing and distribution, as well as hot-shot, same-day, next-day, or pre- scheduled deliveries

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Hours Of Support



Globalpromailer delivery services can move your international shipments to and from any where in the world.


Logistics ensures your inventory doesn't sit idle, because "idle" doesn't drive your business, logistics does.


Globalpromailer offers complete U.S. customs bonded common carrier services. We get it there on time, every time.


When it comes to your shipments, locally or nationally, the more options you have, the better.


From your warehouse to your customer's house. GPM home delivery services can help you add value to their purchase.


.Storage has never been so easy! Call, email of fax us with delivery instructions and we'll take it from there!

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Instantly ship, deliver and monitor your shipment with us like never before

The holidays are coming – 3 tips for successfully shipping time-sensitive goods

The holiday season is the time you want to be with loved ones or shop for the perfect gift. If you’re running a business, you may be swamped with work since this is one of the busiest time of the year. Here are some tips for making sure your time-sensitive goods reach their destination on schedule:

  •  Determine the type of delivery service you need.
  •  Ship early
  •  Pack the goods well

How to prepare your supply chain for same-day delivery service

In today’s digital-first society, companies must present same-day delivery as a default choice. Apart from people preferring to shop online, COVID-19 restrictions also mean people are even less likely to go out for groceries or other necessities.

Today, companies must provide this type of delivery at scale. The dominance of Amazon has transformed people’s expectations and customer journey. In the past, consumers were happy to receive their product one or two days after placing the order. Today, though, they tend to equate service quality with speed and customization because of options like Amazon’s “Choose the Day” shipping

What to do when your shipping cost are too high

Thankfully, there are strategies readily available to ensure that your customers stay happy and satisfied with your products and services, here’s what you cand do:

  •  Partner with a shipping company for negotiated rates
  •  Save by packing lightly. Save even more by printing your shipping labels
  •  Work with a company that will work with you. a partner you can trust like Globalpromailer.

Same-day delivery service

If your packae had been on this plane, it would be there today, not tomorrow. GPM offers immediate pick-up!

Now more than ever, customers want to get their purchases as soon as possible. The push for same-day delivery is increasing, as more and more customers are selecting this option during checkout. The responsibility of providing lightning-fast order fulfillmment and same-day delivery for your customers may overwhelm some business owners. However, by partnering with GPM Delivery Services as your same-day delivery service provider, you can stay focused on your business operations and let us handle the rest!


“Package in transit” means that it is on its way to you and the courier company believes that it will reach you safely. However, the status “in transit” does not take into consideration whether your package will arrive early, right on time, or late.
So if the package was not delivered to you on the estimated date and the carrier says that your package is in transit, it simply means that they are still working on bringing it to you, but they have not been able to estimate the exact time when it will actually arrive.

The tracking information will read as “in transit” from the time your shipment leaves its destination point — usually a dispatch facility — to the time it goes out for delivery.
How long a package stays in transit depends on the distance it has to travel and what kind of shipping option you picked when you placed your order.
For example, with a same-day delivery option, your package will be delivered in a matter of a few hours. However, if you selected regular shipping, your package may be in transit for a few days.

If you do not have the tracking number, you can still find out the status of your package by contacting the seller who shipped your products; they should be able to provide the tracking number to you. All the seller will need is the order number to trace your package.

A package is marked as “out for delivery” when it is placed on a local delivery van that’s about to go on its daily route. This status means that the shipping company plans to deliver the package the very same day.
Delivery drivers can only work for a certain number of hours per week. If the driver has reached the end of their working day and the package is still on the truck, it will return to the facility, and the driver will try to deliver it again the next day. If your shipment is out for delivery for many days, this scenario must be playing out for a couple of days in a row.
If it is more than 3 days, your package could be lost. In such cases, it’s best to get in touch with the carrier (rather than the merchant) so they can help you locate your package.

Unfortunately not. Shipping carriers generally do not disclose the details of the routes they take, primarily for safety and logistics reasons. The last thing they want to do is publicize the exact location of a delivery truck that contains thousands of dollars worth of products.